Bass: Let’s face it, when you think of fishing in Oregon, you don’t think about catching a lot of bass, especially on a river. A gorgeous river, with unbelievable smallmouth habitat. Smallmouth love the bedrock river bottom, deep channels and slots provide ideal habitat for these strong fish. The hardest part of hooking into the larger bass is getting your bait past the smaller fish. Children who have never fished will catch these smaller bass at will. It’s a super kids trip (ask about kids' lunch menu) The action is non-stop, and the weather is always warm. We usually have lunch at  a swimming hole when It’s really hot. I highly recommend this trip for anyone who just wants to catch fish in numbers. 50 fish a day is easy if you try, but getting the big ones to bite is what the hardcore bass junkies are really after. If you’ve done a lot of fly fishing for trout but haven’t tried bass on the Umpqua.. try it! It can be "silly" fun on little top water poppers. Bass like wet fly’s as well. Once you feel a 3 lb "smally" on light tackle or fly rod you will know why so many say,"they are the strongest freshwater fish, pound for pound". There aren’t very many day trips around where you can have hot summer weather, white-water, lots of wildlife, no crowds, and catch a fish in every spot that looks fishy. This is a great trip if you have family coming from out of town; they will see one of the state’s most beautiful wild rivers up close and personal from a driftboat, go through a few rapids, catch several fish and ‘even if they don’t fish’, enjoy the shore-lunch of your choosing, then you can go on with your vacation either back to the valley or on to the coast, or stay on the river at the River Inn Elkton. You can’t lose on this one! 


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Umpqua River Level at Elkton, Oregon - future level predictions!

SMouth Bass

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Trout: Almost everyone is talking about the "big ones" these days. Why would you go trout fishing when you could  go for the big ones. Lots of reasons; Very active angling, spinning, fly fishing, even bait fishing is more active than trolling. Another good reason is the awesome places you can go to catch fish. I fly fish the McKenzie and the Willamette. I know these waters extremely well and enjoy surprising people with excellent fly fishing a few minutes from Eugene.  I grew up on the McKenzie so I’m familiar with the entire river. I’m open to any skill levels from expert fly-fisherman to never-fished. Again…I look forward to customizing your trip to you. From what tackle you prefer to what kind of mustard you want on your sandwich.  

High lakes trout,  kokanee, and bass: I was blessed to have grown up with access to a cabin at Odell lake,where I learned to appreciate Oregon’s awesome beauty. This is the place to be when it’s hot and the rivers aren’t fishing well. Everyone forgets how close we are to such gorgious country, so full of fishing hot-spots. 

Kokanee; Odell & Crescent Lakes: Crescent is year around, Odell is regular season. We jig in the spring, we troll too,or whatever is working best. Kokanee are plentiful and very good eating, the limit is 22. This makes a great side trip if your wanting to go up into the cascades. There’s great lodging up there.  Ask about Davis Lake bass and Diamond Lake trout, or anywhere else you might want to go.