Spring Chinook: 
Apr-early June ,on the Umpqua , May-July  on the Willamette and McKenzie. These are the best eaters of all the fish we target. The Umpqua produces larger than average springers. 30+ pounders are a daily occurrence when the fish are moving in in good numbers. Targeting these fish can be boring , as the most successful technique is often standing on anchor, waiting for the fish to bite our herring or anchovies. You will not find a better fighting or eating fish in the northwest. I would argue that the Umpqua offers your best chance for a 30+ trophy springer; not the Columbia, Rogue, etc…. Less people (lots of days we don’t see another boat!), great scenery, beautiful native, chrome coloring. You can keep two natives a day! In other words, you can bring home two fish which will likely be bigger than those caught up around Portland on the Columbia or Willamette. It just makes sense to try this Springer fishery, if you haven’t yet. Once you get some Umpqua nookie’ it’s hard to go back to trolling with the hoards. If your coming from Portland or further away, I would recommend fishing two days and staying the night at the River Inn Elkton. We will of course help you make arrangements for lodging. There is also an R.V. park next to the River Inn Elkton , if you’re  an RV person.

Umpqua River Level at Elkton, Oregon - future level predictions!

Spring Chinook

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Fall Chinook and Coho: Oct.—Dec.. I am a river guy, so you won’t catch me in a $50,000 boat out in the ocean or the bays. I did that charter boat show for 8 years in Alaska. Some days I would take out 2 trips of 6 people. I got burned out! I found that fishing wasn’t fun anymore. It wasn’t a personal experience anymore, it was a meat-market. If you just want meat, go to the fish market, your odds of success are much better, but it won’t taste as good. We fish in the river, so we may wait a little longer for the fish to get in, but we’re successful when they get there. We fish the same coastal rivers for fall fish that we do for winter steelhead; Umpqua, Siusilaw, Coquille, Siltcoos, Smith ,Elk and Sixes. We fish spinners and eggs for chinook and spinners, jigs,and fly’s for Coho. The Coho fishing has really bounced back in recent years. We expect to be able to keep more Coho every year. I guarantee you will catch several of these when the conditions are right. 5-10 coho is an average day for someone who can operate a spinning rod decently. They bite trolled plugs awfully well if your not a great caster. I love giving casting lessons, and don’t mind giving up any secrets. Most fall chinook fishing is done trolling in the tide water with 5 other fishermen in your boat and 50 boats all around you. With us, it’s just you and your partner or just you alone, fishing our own honey-hole. This is a beautiful time of year, with tons of options and awesome weather. Get over to the coast and get some fresh salmon while enjoying one of our beautiful coastal river floats.

Fall Chinook